It’s Hillary’s City, but New York is Feelin’ the Bern

New York was a big primary in the Democratic race with 247 delegates on offer. It was set out to be a good old political battle. It waste be the Brooklyn born outsider versus New York’s sweetheart and former state Senator. However, it was a fight that many expected Hillary to win by 20+ points.

Yet on fight night it appeared a lot closer fight than many expected. The heavyweight Hillary ‘Tyson’ was being rumbled. The only thing that was going her way was her hook, New York City. The rest of her game was failing! As you can see in the map below other than the City, Hillary lost New York!

NYTimes Election Map
New York Times Election Map

Hillary was only able to win 13 of the counties on offer. This however, was just enough for her to still be standing at the end and claim a scorecard victory. She claimed just over a million votes, the vast majority of which coming from the City, giving her 58% of the vote.

On the other side of the fight, Bernie may feel hard done by in the final count of the night, with huge levels of controversy in the New York voting system. However, despite the problems in the City the rest of New York was feelin’ the Bern, as he swept across New York claiming 42% of the vote.

Bernie was able to cut Hillary’s win from an expected 20+ points to only a nervous 16 points for Hillary. This keeps the nomination very much alive, despite what much of mainstream media is trying to convince the World of. New York only gave Hillary 136 delegates, and gave Bernie 106 delegates. This isn’t enough for Hillary to relax. If New York has shown us anything, it’s that while Hillary is trying desperately to end the competition, Americans and Democrat party members are continuing to feel the Bern and the Bern is only getting brighter. Hillary is only roughly 200 delegates ahead with over 1,500 delegates still to be decided!

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