Muslims and ISIS are completely different things- let’s remember that

Muslims                                                                                                                                                       Noun -a follower of the religion of Islam.                                                                              Adjectiverelating to Muslims or their religion.

ISIS                                                                                                                                                                     Abbreviation – stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and is an extremist militant group that rules by Wahhabi/Salafi law. In Arabic, the group is also known as Daesh.

I feel guilty writing an article on this. I mean it’s the 21st Century do we really have such narrow minds? Unfortunately, technology like social media has enabled everyone to have an opinion, don’t get me wrong I’m glad everyone can have a say, but what if it’s downright wrong and barbaric?

The reason I’m writing this article is because I was talking to a colleague the other day and he mentioned something interesting, yet ultimately shocking. He’s a big football fan, he never misses a game and a Saturday to him is a few drinks with his mates at the pub then off to the game followed by a few more. However, he was telling me how one of his friends, who was one of the nicest people he knows, who is a Muslim. Okay big deal, nothing shocking about that. But he continued to explain how when they went to the game his friend would take a backpack with water; essentials in for the day and people would stare at him. To the point where especially over this year he’s started to feel uncomfortable, it’s not a day out with the lads anymore for him but more like a day to the zoo, only he’s the attraction.

This isn’t just him, in the recent weeks whilst I was working on this article, two articles struck me. One that a man had been removed from an Easyjet flight by armed police after a fellow passenger read a message on his mobile phone about “prayer” and reported him as a security threat. Although the man was Nigerian-born Christian he believes the passenger next to him assumed he was a Muslim and jumped to the conclusion that he may be a terrorist.

This isn’t the only time last week people were asked to leave an aeroplane based on how they look. A United Airlines pilot also asked a Muslim family of five to leave a plane before it took off, citing “safety issues” when the family were bound for Washington at a Chicago airport. Even another Muslim woman and a North-western University chaplain, Tagera Ahmad, was denied a can of diet coke on-board a United Airlines flight last month as the flight attendant said she “may use it as a weapon.”

When I was younger, my mother always used to tell me that history has a way of repeating itself and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my mother is that she’s always right. Today, we see Syrian parents sending their children off to a safer country, risking their own lives in order to keep their children safe. People on the street eyeing up a Muslim wearing a backpack. I see statuses; newspapers claiming this should be a ‘British only’ country.

In World War 2, Jewish parents too risked their lives to send their children to a safer country. Germans eyed up Jewish people, made them feel uncomfortable in their own country, a country where they were born and bred. Even to the point were Jews were banned from shops. Newspapers claimed Germany should be ‘only Germans’ or in Hitler’s theory the master race, Aryans. Many Jews were patriotic Germans and put a great deal into society culturally, economically and socially, the same goes to Muslims today.

I’m not saying this is a repeat of World War Two, we’re wiser, stronger and clever enough to realise that building gas chambers and banning people from shops based on their religion is simply the pits of evil. But there’s one thing we need to remain true too and that’s not to let propaganda rule our mind. When people change their Facebook profile pictures to a Paris or a Brussels flag, our newspaper headlines swamped with every detail. Remember what’s going on in other countries, similar happenings sometimes even worse. Don’t let the media control your mind. Muslims are muslims and ISIS is ISIS, completely different things. So are you going to be a Nazi or help the same way Great Britain did 77 years ago?

One thought on “Muslims and ISIS are completely different things- let’s remember that

  1. Remember also, that 86 % of Muslims in Egypt believe that the penalty for apostasy should be death. Most in Britain believe homosexuality should be criminalised, and around a quarter sympathise with the Charlie Hebdo killers. Those are the facts, and most Muslims may not adhere to the Islamic State entirely, there are undeniable similarities


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