The night belongs to Sanders and Cruz in Wisconsin

Sanders has been flying in the face of the pro-Hillary pundits, who appear to make up the entirety of the mainstream media, as he claimed his sixth primary win in a row! CNN viewers, and the like, have been hearing that ‘Bernie cannot win primaries’ and ‘Bernie can’t win by big margins’! However, Sanders won the Wisconsin Primary by 13% claiming 45 delegates, to Hillary’s 32 delegates.

As Bernie strolled to his sixth, sizeable, victory in a row, alarm bells must now being ringing loudly in the ears of the Clinton campaign. The response, so far, to this loud ringing in the ears of the Clinton campaign has been nothing inspiring! Filled with errors and mistakes, not least the recent “no more debates until Bernie Sanders changes his tone”! Presumably she must of hoped the Sanders campaign would send only his hair, which most likely would still win the debate anyway!

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz was on his way to claiming his ninth victory of the campaign. Cruz was able to capitalise on Trump’s first poor PR week. Cruz claimed 48% of the vote and 33 delegates as he crushed Trump. Trump winning 35% of the vote but only 3 delegates.

Although, Cruz’s victory in Wisconsin will do little to change the leadership in the delegate race, it does push the Republican Party closer to a contested convention!

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