Election Fraud In Arizona?

On March 22, Democrats in Arizona took to the polls in huge numbers. Hours later Hillary Clinton was declared the winner of the state, taking a majority of the public vote and therefore the majority of delegates. Hillary has since been awarded 44 delegates out of the 75 delegates on offer. However, the reliability and legality or these results has been thrown into great question!

At the core of this ‘great question’ is five major issues and queries. Firstly, the reduced level of polling stations for election day. Then, the astronomically large voter registration problems, which denied huge amounts of people their right to vote. Then, how about the lack of exit polls which are used to compare the results. The next issue people found was with the way in which these overly significant issues were dealt with by the Democratic party. Finally, how about the calling of the entire election after only 1% of the vote was counted with thousands and thousands still waiting to actually vote!

For a quick catch up on what has happened here is Tim Black to explain it to you.

Arizona was called for Hillary Clinton based on exit polls, which were then not released. When the polls did eventually get closed 71% of the vote was counted, which took only an hour. However, it then took 12 hours for the next 7% to be counted, which is a bit odd. Which has led to many questioning how this process could count 71% of the vote in the first 1 hour after the polls closed, while significant numbers of voters were still waiting in line, with then only 7% counted once everyone has voted in 12 hours. Then on top of this, how when 71% of the votes were allegedly counted, with Bernie Sanders at 36.4%, how did the next 7% of the vote carry him to 39.7%? This would of required him to have gained 100% of that 7% of votes.

Then, there was the issues with the election software. For example, 42-year-old Kelly Thornton, worked as an Election Day Technician in Yavapai County voting center 5 in Arizona. She later told US Uncut that roughly two thirds of the voters who turned up to the precinct had been mistakenly identified as ‘independent’ by the election software. Therefore all of the voters who were assigned as ‘independent’ were subsequently forced to cast a provisional ballot.

In Maricopa County, in the 2008 democratic primary, there were 113,807 votes cast at the polls. Where as in 2016 only 32,949 votes were cast (which is a turnout difference of -71%). similarly, in Pima County turnout dropped by -73% from 2008. However, record breaking lines were also reported widely, which greatly raises the question why did some counties see such drastic falls in turnout. Also, in 2008, it only took 15 minutes for 113,00 votes to be cast in Maricopa county, yet in 2016 it took nearly 6 hours for 32,00 votes to be cast. This has led to theories suggesting that there was a similar number of voters as there was in 2008, however only 32,000 were actually counted!

RedditorBernie4Ever” did a quick calculation which you can see below just to illustrate the magnitude of the questions this election has created.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 22.40.16.png

This case of election and voter fraud has ended up finding its way to the court houses of Arizona. In the courthouse many heartbreaking stories were heard. However, none were more hard hitting than the email sent by Mary Ann Walsh. The email read as below:

“On Tuesday I took my parents to the Church of the Beatitudes to cast their ballots. My parents are 83 and 87 years old both requiring walkers. When we arrived the line was all of the way around and down Glendale Ave. I tried to find a handicapped parking spot to no avail after looking for 20 minutes. I looked to see if there was an area (with seating and shade)where I could drop my parents so they could wait for me while I waited in line for them. Again, to no avail. After an hour of deciding what to do my parents were exhausted and we returned home without voting. It broke my heart that these two hard working, constitution respecting retires could not cast their vote in this election. My parents taught me the importance of my vote and that I should be proud that I live in the USA and have the right to vote. Unfortunately, my beloved parents were effectively turned away from being able to cast their vote and denied their constitutional right. I am still sad for them.”

However, the hearing was stopped abruptly as protests broke out with many jeering protesters demanding answers for why their voice was not heard, and why they appear to have been denied of their constitutional rights by the establishment that is supposed to represent them. Following the protests one protester was arrested.

Then on the 29 March the Washington Post, released an article in which they announced that “US elections ranked worst among Western Democracies”. With many more elections left in this election it is becoming clear to many around the world this system does not work.

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