Yes we Khan! – Meet Labours candidate for Mayor of London

Some of you may not be familiar with Sadiq Khan; I was first introduced to him whilst watching Corbyn’s first speech as Labours new leader and was instantly engaged. Sadiq comes across a confident yet relaxed character, the south London boy and a son of an immigrant born from a council estate in Wandsworth consistently shows his appreciation of the faith of the public for electing him as their labour candidate and will argue that he can best represent the ordinary Londoner. Mr Khan was previously a human rights lawyer before becoming MP for Tooting in 2005 and was shadow justice secretary for five years, standing down earlier this year.

Mr Khan has ambitious plans for the housing situation, which ordinary Londoners will cheer for. London tends to lean more towards labour than the rest of the country does. In the 2015 general election the party increased its share of the vote to 44% from a previous 37% in 2010, while the conservative held on at 35%. Mr Khan wants to make 50% of units on new housing developments “affordable” (currently defined as up to 80% of market rents) and to introduce a rent cap. He will also win over parts of the business lobby, although he too is opposed for another runway at Heathrow, he wants to see Gatwick expanded instead. He is less of a Eurosceptic than Goldsmith, the conservatives’ mayoral candidate runner.

Other main policies Mr Khan has announced include – a four-year freeze on transport fares, a living rent and tackling air pollution – early on and has been “building momentum ever since.”

Mr Khan has long argued for the remit of London’s mayor to be enlarged with more tax-raising authority and greater powers over planning. He is currently the voter’s favourite to replace Boris Johnson as mayor of London and it’s looking like 2016 London will once again have a Labour mayor and an increasingly powerful one at that.

Candidates have until 31 March to be formally nominated and must submit the signatures of 330 supporters, ten from each London borough, as well as a £10,000 deposit. Voting takes place on 5 May.


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