A Clean Sweep For The Revolution

Alaska, Washington and Hawaii all went to the polls last night (26 March), and the political revolution that Bernie Sanders has been promising picked up more ground, speed and momentum. A small night in the overall look at the nomination campaign but the key message to come out of the evening was that now out of the last 7 primaries and caucus’ Bernie sanders has claimed landslide victories in 6 of them.

In Alaska Hillary managed to claim only 99 votes across the state, compared to Bernie’s 440, that is a victory of 81.6% to 18.4%! In fact there were some districts that Hillary failed to collect a single vote. However, as impressive victory as that is, it doesn’t hold with it a lot of delegate power. Bernie won 13 out of the 16 delegates on offer, leaving 3 for Hillary.

However, in the Washington State primary 101 delegates were on offer. Although the final delegate count is yet to come in for the primary it is clear from the vote that, will be a highly significant primary for the delegate count. With just under 20,000 votes cast in his favour, compared to Hillary’s 7,000, Bernie again swept to a large and impressive victory. He claimed 72.2% of the vote, and leaving Hillary with only 27.1% which meant she just survived the viability qouta. Be assured once the final delegate count comes in for Washington, it will be a large a significant win for Bernie.

Then the last results of the night was the highly anticipated Hawaii caucus. Hawaii saw an extremely high turnout level, with voting ballots once again running out! Despite holding only 25 delegates, Hawaii was being played up as the big primary of the night as it appeared to hold Hillary’s best chance of victory on the night. However, with 69.8% of the vote and 23,500 votes in his favour, Bernie swept aside Hillary who only claimed 30% of the vote. Although he only wins 17 delegates from this victory, it will send a fierce message to the core of the Hillary campaign that they are most certainly in trouble.

The next big primary date in the Democratic nomination is Wisconsin on the 5 April with its 86 delegates.

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