Trump walks on as Clinton takes the South while Sanders cuts away at her lead

With Arizona the last Democratic state with a sizable Hispanic population, and southern state, it was seen coming into the Primary that it would be a strong state for Hillary. Then last night Hillary delivered as expected in Arizona with another southern win. However, the nights winner was Bernie Sanders who claimed Utah and Idaho! Bernie was able to claim substantial victories over Hillary in the two states, as he shows just how dominant he can be in the remainder of the state primaries. He was even able to cut the size of the expected defeat in Arizona which may be the largest surprise of the night.

Elsewhere, in the Republican race the two primaries were split between Trump and Cruz. Trump took an impressive victory in Arizona, while Cruz took a similarly impressive victory in Utah. The Republican dark horse, John Kasich, took another second place this time in Utah. However, Cruz’ victory was still over 50 points.

Up next for the Democrats are three strong states for Bernie. With primaries at Alaska, Washington state and Hawaii on the 26 March. For the Republicans up next is Wisconcin on the 5 April.

Until then we will keep you up to date with the latest news from the campaign trail here at Politically Wasted.

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