‘Absurd’ As Bernie Is Called Upon To Quit

Reports are coming out that Barack Obama, the leader of the Democratic party and President – for now – of the United States, has called for Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination and allow the Democratic party to rally around Hillary Clinton. Bernie has since called this request, or expectation, of the President “Absurd!” When talking to an MSNBC interviewer Bernie said…

The bottom line is that when only half of the American people have participated in the political process … I think it is absurd for anybody to suggest that those people not have a right to cast a vote.”

So does Barack have a point? Well as popular as he may be, or his intentions good, Barack needs to stay out of the Democratic race! For now anyway. As leader of the party he is well within his rights to do what he feels is best for the party and aid who he feels his rightful heir is. However, it is not his place to decide for the people of the party, it is their choice. At this point in the campaign, as well, should he come out again so publicly in favor of one candidate over the other, then all he would achieve would be to split the party further.

Also, Bernie made a good point! It would be “absurd” to deny those who have not yet voted the equal chance to vote for either viable candidate, which Bernie would no longer effectively be should he announce he is to drop out. So far only 42% of the pledged delegates have been allocated to either candidate, and Hillary is only 48.8% of the way to the nomination, with Bernie 35.1% of the way there.

Should Bernie drop out now, he would be dropping out before all of his best states! So far the election has seen the Democrats visit the south. An area where Hillary was always going to dominate, much like she did in 2008 against Obama. Coming up in the following weeks and months are the western and northern states! Which all have demographics which highly favor Bernie!

Also, possibly most importantly, is that the Republican party is in shambles! The way the Republican election is going a contested convention is almost inevitable. Even if Trump is able to sew up the nomination before then, the party is breaking at the seams and the core. Whether this is the end of the Republican party as it has come to be, at the moment, we cannot tell. However, what we can tell is that now is a crucial moment in the evolution of both parties and for America. Instead of shifting the focus onto how bad the Republican party is and making it appear as if the Democrats are so solid they already have their nomination, it is time for the Democrats to battle for the destiny of the party and to move forward on national and party issues.

In other words, the longer Bernie stays in the Democratic race, and the nomination remains a competition with fluent debate of issues the better the party will be, and not just appear to be. A strong Democratic race, with the almost inevitable Democratic President again, which can drag the country to the left with the Republican party in tow. Surely this is something all Democrats want? So I put it to you the reader, that you should be angry at Obama for even contemplating, making Sanders drop out of the race and to steal this vision of a more evolved USA and Democratic party from you.

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