Arise The Political Revolution

Yes, with Hillary at 1,606 delegates and Bernie at 851 delegates, it is time for the beginning of the political revolution! A revolution promised to us by countless politicians before, including the knight in shining armor Barack Obama and “Yes we can!” However, now is the time in the Presidential election 2016 that people will look back to and say “this is when the revolution began.”

Okay so now you’re probably thinking I’m an idiot for saying that after 2,457 delegates have been assigned, and the majority in the Hillary column, surely either the revolution has already begun or that it has already failed.

Hillary actually only has 1,139 pledged delegates too Bernie’s 825 pledged delegates, which are the delegates that actually matter. Hillary’s other 467 delegates are the Superdelegates, which don’t really count for anything until the convention other than to create the illusion of party support. Although it may seem Hillary is a lot closer to the nomination, she is only around 45% of the way there with Bernie about 35% of the way there with only roughly 40% of the pledged delegates allocated.

Also be warned Hillary fans, all of Hillary’s major states are gone! Now the 15 March is done, the large majority of the states remaining are the major Bernie Supporters. In fact, it is entirely possible that Hillary will have only four more good days! Those good days aren’t even especially big states! States like Guam (7 delegates), Virgin Islands (7 delegates), Puerto Rico (60 delegates) and Washington D.C. (20 delegates). Although many states will be a very tight race, Bernie does appear to have the demographic edge. Also it is important to remember that in 2008 the democratic nomination race had a very similar begiining for Hillary …

The most important thing going for Bernie is still the fact that people want to believe in Bernie and they want the political revolution! His messages are hitting home! Despite her huge support and success in the southern states, she did not do as well as she should of or was expected too. An even bigger threat to Hillary, is that people like Bernie and see her as clinton_sanders_just another politician. She is also making mistakes left and right! Most recently her attack on Bernie’s health plan and his history around it. She recently questioned where Bernie was on healthcare in 1993 and 1994? When later that day footage got replayed on Hillary making her speech on healthcare in 1993 with Bernie Sanders himself stood right behind her (as shown to the left)! Or, there is the photo released by the Bernie campaign of the note Hillary sent Bernie in 1993 thanking him for all his work on healthcare (below)! Woops!

So, here it is the Political Revolution is about to begin! Born in a cynical world and career criminal politicians with poor campaign management and attacks! And don’t forget the end of the Hillary states!

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