Trump Marches On and Hillary Stumbles Forward

The Republicans

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 13.03.31
Another big night for Donald Trump as he claims Florida, Illinois and North Carolina. Yet, the night wasn’t without hiccup for the businessman who would have been expecting a victory in Missouri, all be it a tight victory, however, Missouri remains too close to call with 99% reporting and still only 0.2% between himself and Cruz. Else where last night Kasich proved that he can still ask questions and is likability is sustaining throughout the campaign. In fact many are starting to ask whether or not at an open convention Kasich maybe the dark horse saviour of the Grand Old Party.

The Democrats

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 13.03.47
Now we come to the Democrats, and on the face of it, it would appear as if it was a good night for the Clinton campaign. With wins in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio it would appear as if she marches onwards to the nomination. However, dust the ticker tape and balloons out of the way, and it shows that Hillary’s night was not as clear cut. The only state in which she truly dominated was that of Florida in which she won by around 30 points, yet a week or two ago she’d have expected nearer 40 points of victory. Illinois was tight enough that it bordered on a tie. Hillary’s lead, and thus victory, in both North Carolina and Ohio was cut substantially in only a week by around 15 to 20 points. Sanders’ momentum has even lead him to an unlikely tie in Missouri. The night led to questions like whether this was the end of Bernie’s political revolution? However, given Bernie’s momentum and the end of the southern states, it is more a question of whether or not this is the end of Clinton and her last good night of campaign.

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