Super Tuesday Mark 2 Results

Find out what Michigan means for the rest of the Democratic race here!

And for the Republicans

Here is the final results for the Democrats

The results as its called

Massive for the race

We call the race for Bernie

Early news out of Idaho

Very tight in Michigan

80% getting close

Decision Desk retracts Clinton prediction

75% in Michigan

The Young Turks call it

Bernie speaks to his supporters

*Redditor’s refresh buttons are wearing down*

Its as if USA Today just worked out Trump is more fun to watch than Hillary

A Democratic thank you

Independents to the rescue

Black voters VS Young voters

Sanders can win and lose

Sanders is maintaining his lead

Michigan at 58%

CNN and NBC appear to be ahead of us all

15,000 have the edge

Thanks Mitt

50% and 50%

Fox News discovers Michigan would be a huge win Bernie

Hold your breath Michigan its getting tight

Bernie still in danger in Mississppi

Trump makes delegate gains

*Reddits nerves build*

Not going to plan for Hillary

Danger for Bernie?

Detroit and an upset?

Trumps had his feelings hurt

20% In And Still Tight

Michigan Too Close To Call

We Project Trump will win

Decision Desk predicts Clinton for Michigan

NBC projects Trump will win Michigan

With 15% in , in Michigan

We Are only 15 Minutes Away from Learning Michigan’s fate

With only 0.1% Reporting

Trump leads Michigan too

Trump is the projected Winner of Mississippi 

Sanders Currently Leads in Michigan

Fox Predicts Trump will win Mississippi

Clinton Wins Mississippi!

Clinton has claimed an expected victory in Mississippi. She will take the lions share of the 41 delegates on offer in Mississippi.

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