The Fight And The Fightback Continues

Tonight, on the 8th March 2016, Bernie Sanders continues his fight against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination; whilst Ted Cruz will continue his impressive fightback against Donald Trump in the race for the Republican nomination.

Tonight plays host to the Michigan and Mississippi Democratic races, and for the Republicans Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi are up for contention.

SanVsCliOn the Democratic side Michigan, with its 130 Delegates, is the major player in tonights elections. Michigan is a big state for both candidates, not only because of its large number of delegates but, because Michigan is a chance for Sanders to show that his message of fixing  a rigged economy and creating a fairer society is hitting home in the largest industrial state yet. For Clinton, Michigan is a chance to show she can play better than Bernie in the Northeast. However, coming into the election Clinton is showing a favourable lead in the polls. Yet, once again Bernie has been making impressive strides leading into the election taking her lead down. Mississippi, however, should be a far more comfortable win for Hillary and she should continue her sweep of the southern states. A win for Bernie tonight would look more like coming within 10 points of Hillary in Michigan and not letting her take a clean sweep of delegates in Mississippi.

Although not a hugely delegate heavy night for the Republicans, tonight has the CruVsTrupotential
to be hugely effective on the final outcome of Republican nomination. Recent primaries have given the GOP a new hope in defeating, the son they appear to regret, Donald Trump. Even two victories tonight for Cruz would allow the momentum pendulum to continue swinging his way. Although only two victories would not make a huge dent on Trump’s lead, it would keep the pressure on the New York businessman. Trump will be taking a lead in the polls into tonight each of tonights primaries, giving him a good chance of taking a clean sweep tonight and extending his lead.

For all of tonights news follow us on Twitter, and we will also keep you up to date with the nights results here.

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