Global Warming Is Ahead Of Schedule

Global warming statistics have just reached the target that was set for 2100! Many of you in the Northern Hemisphere may have noticed that February 2016 was rather warm. Well February saw the average temperatures hit the 2ºC increase limit.

 This 2ºC mark has been talked about for decades as a point we must not reach, let a lone reach before the year 2100. The 2ºC mark has been written into many environmental treaties as a crucial point in global warming progress.

By hitting this 2ºC point, shows us just how quickly global warming is progressing and getting worse. Although 2ºC may not seem like a huge increase, well the 2ºC itself is not, but its the temperatures before that which we have risen through so quickly that is alarming, the 2ºC was our last hope.

As we go on as a society, and most likely go on further from breaking this 2ºC point, and onto greater records; it is now time that we stop talking about things we can do! Instead we need to start doing! It is now clear that the longer we talk about doing something, the more damage we are doing.

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