Did You Know That Hillary Clinton Is A Woman?

Yes this is the breaking news that Hillary Clinton is a woman. I would be surprised if this is actually news to you, I mean what sort of person would be so stupid as they did not know this. After all she has told us all this so very many times, like a lot of times!

In fact she wants you to know that she is a woman so badly, when asked in the first debate what would be the difference between her Presidency and Obama’s she said, yes you guessed it, I’m a woman its obvious isn’t it?.

Now you may be saying “everyone would do that if they were the first!” Well actually now you mention it. Barrack Obama, the first African-American President of the United States, told us that he would be the first a total of zero times in his 2008 Presidential campaign. Bernie Sanders is also running to be President this year, as I’m sure you know, would be the first Jewish President of the United States. Bernie has told us this a total of zero times.

numbers correct as of time of creation.

As a gambit for votes this does appear to be working for the Clinton campaign. On Saturday 27 February the good people of South Carolina voted. The International Business Times did its best to keep us up to date with what voters were thinking and their 12:30 pm EST update in formed us that Regina Duggins would be voting for Hillary “because it could help elect the first female president” not the best president but the “first female president”.

As great as it may be to have the first female president, would in not be greater to have the best president?

If you are of the opinion that Hillary represents your opinions best and that you believe she has the better policies for you and the country then by all means vote for Hillary. However if you are voting for Hillary because she is a woman, then I declare you a fool, a sexist, ignorant and the greatest issue facing modern democracy!

I am not trying to sway your vote in one direction or the other, I merely want you to think about who you are voting for and why. Voting for Hillary just because she is a woman, then to be frank you deserve to continue living in a country that is deeply divided on every major issue, with one of the highest gun crime rates around the world, and a country that arrests more of its citizens than any other in the world.

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