Five Things The Tories Are Not Telling You

It seems recently the Tories have been getting a bad press, from Jeremy Hunt trying to impose new contracts on junior doctors to the housing bill.

When the conservatives soared into the election last year, they had a clear campaign message “a long-term economic plan.” The list of these striking policies helped the party win an overall majority. But where is this plan and their promises now? It was hard for other politicians to get a word in edgeways whilst the Conservatives were campaigning for the big election but now it seems it’s all gone quiet on the tory side. Strikes are on going due to the junior doctor contracts, yet where is Jeremy Hunt? According to Channel 4’s Jon Snow, Jeremy Hunt hasn’t agreed to an interview since July 2013.

So, why so quiet Tories? What don’t you want us to know? 

Firstly, the Housing bill. This is one of the biggest situations happening now that needs to be fixed for the long term. The Housing bill is currently passing through parliament, but this is more to show a presence of its ambition. As this bill does not solve the fundamental cause of the housing crisis, which is the lack of supply. Instead, the Tories have committed to a set of policies, which won’t help anyone who doesn’t own their own home. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Secondly, scrapping free meal grants. Amidst the strikes, the government have used this to their advantage and have quietly scrapped free meal grants to over 3,000 primary schools. Sharon Hodgson, shadow minister for child said the move undermined David Cameron claim to be “proud of the nutritional free meals policy” and that “Once again David Cameron’s rhetoric doesn’t match the reality.

Thirdly, the staffing crisis in the NHS. This one is impossible to ignore, but how bad is it? And are the Tories fixing it? A senior health official admitted there would be a shortage of nurses for at least another four years. Recent figures from December 2015 showed that the NHS had more than 23,443 vacant nursing posts and 6,207 vacancies for doctors. That equates to a vacancy rate of 7% for doctors and 10% for nurses compared with an average vacancy rate of 2.7% for the general economy as assessed by the Office of National Statistics.

Nearly there, fourthly, Tories have dumped a £23 million prisoner scheme. The Tories have dumped a £23 million prisoner-tracking scheme that claimed it would give Britain “one of the most advanced GPS tagging systems in the world” after a humiliating U-turn after considerable delays. 

Finally, the U-Turns Tories were forced to make. Talking of U-turns, like it or not, David Cameron may have had a successful year in 2015 we can’t forget the U-turns the Tories were forced to make in 2015 from tax credit cuts, foxhunting, police cuts, MP’s pay rises and the deal with Saudi Arabia.

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