10 Things We’ve Learnt From Super Tuesday

1. This is the end to Marco Rubio in 2016

He only managed to win 1 primary, Minnesota, and only garnished 71 delegates. Where as his nearest rival, Ted Cruz, won 3 primaries and garnished 144 delegates. Neither hold a stick to ‘The Donald’ but even so Rubio has taken a massive hit. However in a campaign without Trump, Rubio could have done a lot better. Therefore expect to see him back again in 2020.

2. Kasich has a good chance of being Vice President

He may not have won anywhere since New Hampshire, but Kasich is well known and liked enough that he may very well find himself in the VP’s office, should Republicans win. The man himself even said he didn’t stand a chance, but was someone’s VP.

3. The Democratic race is only just starting

It may appear at first glance that Hillary is running away with the race now, but Bernie is gonna let that happen! Super Tuesday was built up mainly with Hillary’s states. Places she expected to do well. But wait whats that on the horizon? Its Bernie’s states!

4. The South like, not love, Clinton

Hillary was expected to sweep through the south, like myself through a bar. Yet she didn’t have the winning bargains she was expecting. Lets take Texas for example, she would have been expecting a healthy 140-160 delegates, yet ended up with only 122 delegates. Or how about Oklahoma, highly expected to go the same as its larger neighbour Texas, and yet behold Bernie in all his glory as he takes the win.

5. The next two weeks are huge for both parties

The next 2 weeks, up to March 15, plays host to 14 Republican primaries with a total of 682 delegates going on offer, and 11 Democratic primaries offering 991 delegates. It is far more likely that by March 16 we will more or less know whether Trump is going to be the Republican nominee, and whether Bernie is still scaring Hillary.

6. We should never have under-estimated Trump

He has 285 delegates! This is a man who has put the pundit favourites into a fight for second and third. Furthermore it doesn’t appear to matter what he says, he is just gonna keep winning! Everywhere!

7. Ted Cruz is the last hope

Ted Cruz has 161 delegates leaving him the only man within touching distance of Trump. And other than Trump, he is the only candidate that seems to play across the country. However if he has much hope he is gonna need Rubio to pull out and give him his delegates.

8. The Republican party needs a new name

The Republican candidates are no longer republicans. Party greats, like Lincoln, no longer appear to fit into what the party has grown into. The party itself is fracturing, with rumours of funding a third-party candidate should Trump take the nomination.

9. Democrats don’t like leaving the house

Republican voters were seen queuing around the block, yet Democrats could walk straight in and out. When you compare the turnout figures Republicans dwarf Democrats. You would think only one person is running for the Democrats.

10. Americans don’t appear to know what they are doing

Endless polls tell us that Americans are tired of corporate money in politics, an unfair society, and want drastic financial change. Yet the Republicans are on their way to electing yet another billionaire. While the Democrats appear to be in love with a woman so in-debt to Wall St. that she won’t even tell anyone what she says to them. Instead the Democrats are ignoring Bernie Sanders, who to everyone else in the world, is the financial saviour America needs and is apparently asking for.

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