Star Wars: A Refugee Story

We begin the story, with a young man in his late teens or early twenties. The young man lives with his only family in the world his aunt and uncle, after his mom and dad were lost in a war when he was only a baby.

One day the young man goes out to the local black market to pick up supplies for his uncle’s farm. When he gets to the black market, which is the only market left after the war, where he is overcharged for the merchandise he needs to which he is left with very little choice of supplies again cause of the war.

Later in the day he comes home to discover than foreign forces have killed his only remaining family! It is evident that their deaths were horrendous, as only charred remains are left of the young mans house and his whole family. Unsurprisingly the young man is left in a state of previously unknown anger and despair.

Whilst in the worst state of his life, left distraught and alone, the young man turns to a wise old man and his ancient religion. The old man, and his ancient religion, bring comfort to the young man. He feeds the young man, gives him a purpose in life and teaches him in the ways of his ancient religion. Taught in the ancient ways of his new religion, the young man travels away from his home, to seek a new happier life.

It is not long before the young man is recruited by a group calling themselves the Rebels, who sought out freedom from the evil forces. The group offer the young boy the chance to honour his family and to save millions from the same fate of his family, by taking vengeance on those who took his family from him.

The young man then has his talents put to use by the ‘Rebels’ as a plan is devised to blow up the ‘empires’ base. They are all aware that they are taking a great risk in order to kill thousands of people in the ‘empire’ base. However, without thinking twice hundreds of the ‘rebel’ forces volunteer themselves for this near suicide mission, including the young man.

The mission is a great success for the ‘Rebels’ as they are able to blow up the ‘empires’ base, killing thousands of people in the process. However, this is seen as a massive step forward by the ‘Rebels’ who give medals to the young man and those who helped him, and raise him up as a model for all other ‘Rebel’ forces to look up to.

Now if you’re thinking “that’s just the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope” then well yes you are correct. However, if you change ‘Empire’ to ‘The West’, and ‘ancient religion’ to ‘Islam’ then you have in effects the makings of many an ISIS soldiers story.

By no means am I endorsing the actions of ISIS, I am merely pointing to the irony of ‘The Wests’ love of Star Wars, yet our fear of the young man, from the story, in real life. Many refugee stories have the same beginnings as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars and we have the capabilities to stop them from joining ‘Rebels’ like ISIS or al-Qaeda. However, we continue to dehumanise these refugees, and our surprised to find they no longer like us.

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