Standing In Our Own Way

For years, humans have failed to advance in any form. This was most evident during the religious dark ages, in which Christianity was used as a method for reasoning questions we as a species could not understand. This lead to events as simple as hailstorms being attributed to acts of God.

However, human dependency on religion managed to keep humans in the dark for well over two-thousand years. Meaning the biggest advance in science, before Evolution and Da Vinci, was the discoveries of Isaac Newton and his laws of motion. This again highlights that the biggest advance in science for two-thousand plus years was the idea that things that move don’t stop until something stops them, which to be honest is pretty obvious if people were allowed to think throughout the dark ages.

This lack of faith in scientific principle is still obvious now, as much as we would like to believe that period of human blindness is behind us. However, in the West there is still a large debate of the effectiveness of vaccinations. While the Less Economically Developed Countries would sell an arm and a leg for half that vaccines available in the USA or UK.  Yet when compared to the West, a substantial proportion of mother’s refuse to have their children vaccinated, still. This puts their children, and the children around them, in harms way through an increased risk of contracting often deadly diseases that could so easily be prevented. All this simply because some parents are too ignorant to believe in sound scientific research. Yet these same people are willing to believe unfounded opinions and rumors on the internet. Rumors which rely heavily on conspiracy theories surrounding the large pharmaceutical companies, who are apparently killing people off to make money, yes that is a real internet theory. Just a thought, surely with a decreased population, the pharmaceutical companies cannot sell their products to such a wide market, maybe the internet needs to think it through!

Then we get onto the rights of the ‘outcasts’ of society. Whether it be specific religions, ethnic races, or sexual orientations, the lives of these minorities is not going to get better any time soon because of our apparent innate sense to settle for small victories. In the UK and US, the legalisation of Gay marriage has been seen as a huge victory and step forward for the LGBT community; while it may be an advance towards legal equality, it does effectively nothing for the standing of LGBT societies in society as a whole.

It did nothing to address the issue of people blindly following a two-thousand-year-old story book to discriminate against such groups. It did not stop people believing it to be a “disease” that can be cured through enough therapy. The move to Gay Marriage was one tiny step, which did move the LGBT rights along, but not enough.

It reminds me of the society that believed Newton’s laws were a huge step forward for society. When in reality they were a tiny step to a society that, 300 years down the line, actually found out most of what he said was bullshit. If we can be sure about anything, it is that in 300 years people will look back on the legalisation of Gay Marriage was the biggest advance for society, which will be for future societies as small a step to them as Newton’s teachings are to us as a modern society.

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