Trump Continues Winning Streak In Nevada

With a hundred percent of the precincts reporting, it is now confirmed that Trump has once again claimed a sizeable victory. Trump won forty-five point nine percent of the vote at the Nevada Caucus, which gives him another twelve delegates to add to his total delegate count as he extends his lead over Cruz and Rubio.

Rubio and Cruz found themselves once again squabbling over second place. Once again the race between the two was close. With Rubio claiming second place with twenty-three point nine percent, and Cruz narrowly behind with twenty-one point four percent. However both Rubio and Cruz take home another five delegates each.

So after four Republican primaries it is becoming clear that Trump is not just joke or a fad of early party politics, but instead is a very real political heavy weight. Trump has now won three of the four Republican primaries and accumulated an impressive delegate count after only the four primaries of seventy-nine.

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