Ten Things You Can Do To Stop Climate Change

Even if its not much, there are plenty of things you can do as an individual to help stem the tide of climate change and global warming. So here ore our top ten recommendations for what you should be doing if you think the little polar bear cubs above are really cute.

1. Put a jumper on!

When its cold we all have the same temptation to walk over to the heating and turn it up a few degrees. But how about instead you walk over to the cupboard and get one of those jumpers that your mum knitted you to keep you warm, or grab that blanket she knitted you to. Your central heating system uses a lot of energy, and unless you use green fuels, it is expensive and terrible for the environment.

2. Shut that window!

Maybe if you shut that window you wouldn’t be so cold in the first place! We all forget sometimes that we opened the window earlier to let the smoke out of the kitchen after we’ve burnt our toast, then turn up the heating because we are cold. But before you turn the heating up, first check your windows are properly shut. Not only do you not then have to turn the heating on but it also keeps the heat in the house from when you had the heating on earlier.

3. Go vegetarian!

For you meat lovers out there you don’t have to go all out vegetarian, instead how about just one or two days a week. Whether its ‘Meat-free Mondays’ or ‘Vegan Fridays’ just give up meat for a day. As nice as meat is there are plenty of alternatives, such as Tofu, quorn or even just have a pizza without meat (it doesn’t just have to be a Margirita there are more non-meat pizzas). Don’t believe me when i say eating meat is bad for the environment? Then check out the video below by UniLad, and I’m not sorry for the explicit images in it!

4. Get a bike and ride it!

Yes that 15 minute walk to uni, or work , or to the shop, is annoying and feels like a waste of time and so why not jump in the car and be there in 5 minutes, but how does a 5 minute bike ride sound? Not only can you carry more back from the shop and quicker too, but you will burn calories and get healthier. But more importantly you won’t produce any pollution or get stuck in traffic.

5. Recycle!

Yes it is a very obvious one, and something many of us at least try to do at home. But you can always do more and we can all do more not to litter in public, or just chuck rubbish out the car window, and to find a recycle bin and not just the closest bin. Recycling stops huge trash pits and cuts the levels of plastics which we incinerate which then gets thrown straight into the atmosphere.

6. Discover your country!

Planes are one of the leading causes of the super high levels of Carbon Dioxide pollution. So instead of flying half way around the world, stay in your home country and just explore regions you’ve never been before.

7. Use energy saving lightbulbs!

Before you say they take ages to actually start working so you can see what you are doing! They are better now, technology evolves and gets better, just look at your sixth or seventh generation iPhone. Another very simple change which has a huge effect.

8. Hand wash your dishes!

Washing machines are very easy and save you a lot of time, trust me I know, but they also use a lot of water and energy. So how about you save yourself some money on the bills and just use you’re hands. Its really not that hard, and if you’re worried about your nails then you can always wear gloves.

9. Use less paper!

In an age in which we all have laptops and an e-mail address, how about you use it properly and instead of printing everything off just e-mail it across. E-mail isn’t the only tool you can use either, there are tonnes such as Dropbox, Google drive or One Drive. Also by cutting back on the amount of paper we use, then we can collectively cut back drastically the amount of trees we need to have cut down.

10. Sign petitions to make your government act on climate change!

This is possibly the most powerful thing you can do as an individual. It doesn’t take long and next to zero effort, and it can have the greatest effect of all. Greenpeace run a huge amount of petitions and you can sign as many as you want. Some of them are global and some are much more nationalistic. If you want to see some of their petitions currently running then just follow the link to the Greenpeace site and explore for yourself all the work they do.

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