Clinton Wins Nevada! Just!

So another caucus down and Hillary Clinton wins her second election of the campaign.

Five weeks ago Clinton lead by twenty-five points and had been expected to win Nevada easily by double digits. However, with seventy-nine percent of the precincts reporting Clinton has only claimed fifty-two point one percent of the vote with Sanders so far claiming forty-seven point eight percent. Although this is enough for the Clinton campaign to claim Nevada it is very difficult to call it the win they wanted, or expected.

Nevada with a population made up highly of minorites, was expected to be a stomping ground for Hillary in which she could kick off her campaign again and turn the momentum tide of Sanders after a crushing defeat in New Hampshire.

Clinton’s hold over the minorities in the Democratic election, appears to be fading. With many Latino groups  in Nevada publicly endorsing Sanders before the caucus, it is becoming evident that Sanders does in fact appeal to minorities.

It is also becoming evident that polls taken before Sanders, starts campaigning in a state, are next to useless. As before Sanders got to Nevada he was at one point forty points behind, and although it will be a couple days until we know exact results, it is clear that Sanders was a lot more popular in Nevada than anybody predicted five weeks ago.

You will be able to find the full results from the Nevada Caucus soon on out Democratic results page.

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