The Ludicrous Image That’s Been Drawn Of Refugees, And The Concerning Effect It Could Have On Our EU Status

Across the world there are now over 60 million refugees, 5 million of which are products of the Syrian conflict and 1 million (and counting) of which have risked their lives making the dangerous journey across to Europe in the last year. Of course this is not ideal for any European country but I am 100% certain that if any of us lived in Syria right now we’d do whatever we could to get out and therefore cannot sympathies at all with any arguments not to accept refugees in.

The overall response to the ongoing refugee crisis by Europe has been bitterly disappointing. It baffles me how Germany can take in 20,000 refugees over a single weekend whilst a similarly sized Britain has committed to this same amount over a 5-year period. I’m not saying Germanys welcoming approach to refugees won’t come without its struggles (The 102-people population of Sumte was asked to welcome 750 refugees into its community – despite not having a shop or school in the village), but it is important we acknowledge their innocence and the barbarity they seek to escape from.

Purely on the basis of panic, the majority of EU countries that have held general elections since the peak of the refugee crisis last summer appear to have voted in far-right governments – much to the delight of ISIS I’m sure. Both Hungary and Poland have voted in Eurosceptic governments that have taken drastic measures towards keeping desperate refugees out, and even the more welcoming countries such as Germany, Sweden and Denmark have been getting edgy about their approach lately.

Hopefully we in Britain won’t play the cards ISIS want us too and won’t crumble out of the EU on June 23rd based on narrow-minded stubbornness and overreacted panic about what refugees will bring. It is a depressing truth though that Rupert Murdoch has a big influence on many of us so when the Sun and other tabloid newspapers unreasonably draw attention to a minority of refugees getting a bit too excited on NYE, or the fact that one of the Paris attackers came in through Greece, I do worry we will make the mistake of linking the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism.

It might be obvious that I will more than likely be voting to stay in the EU. I am not trying to tell you to do the same but I am suggesting that if you’re going to vote to leave then please do it for a better reason than fear of ISIS and the flow of refugees. I do believe that if the EU were properly united ISIS would not like it and I actually believe it’s at times like this when it makes most sense to be part of the EU. Lets not forget that there are no more than 40,000 people fighting for ISIS and the population of the EU is 493,000,000.

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