The Environment: An Economic Problem

By now we are all aware that global warming is a real and immediate threat to the world. For those of you that do not believe global warming is real then, to quote Samuel L. Jackson,  “Wake the f*ck up!”

However, many people are still ignorant to the drastic levels of global warming we are experiencing and the effects they are having on the world. For example, since 1870 global sea levels have risen by around eight inches and still rising, and if you are wondering why that matters then well roughly a hundred million people around the world around three feet from coastal areas. In 2007 the IPCC published a report predicting that sea levels would rise by up to twenty-three inches by the end of this century. One more scary fact, there is currently more carbon dioxide, one of the leading causes of global warming, in the atmosphere today than there has been for the last eight-hundred-thousand years! If that hasn’t scared you then maybe this clip from Newsroom, based on a real interview with actual facts, will scare you!

With carbon dioxide (CO2) being one of the leading causes of global warming, it is essential for human survival that the levels of CO2 produced are cut drastically. One of the leading causes of the level of CO2 in our atmosphere is transport, such as cars and plans. Therefore, it makes sense for us to cut down on our levels of CO2 then we need to cut back on the use of cars and plans.

However, getting people to cut back on their use of cars and plans is not as easy as pointing out some scary facts, because of the convenience and our growing reliability on them. Therefore, something must be done to make cars and plans better for the environment. This job does not fall entirely to the worlds governments, but instead on global economics and companies.

All governments need to do is raise a tax on fossil fuels and carbon, whilst at the same time creating tax cut incentives for green energies and government grants, paid for by carbon and fossil fuel taxes, in green research.

Currently, fossil fuels are cheap, relative to green fuels, therefore they are worth companies farming and supplying due to the huge level of demand for the fossil fuels because the vast majority of cars and vehicles run on these fossil fuels. Therefore a increase in fossil fuel tax, raises the cost of it for consumers leading to lower levels of demand, meaning there is less incentive for companies to farm it. A similar effect is seen with a carbon tax making it more expensive to run a car or go on a flight, lowering demand thus supply lowers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 13.37.16

This teamed with tax incentives for the use of green energies, means the demand for green energies increases because of the cost cut. Thus CO2 levels are cut. Also the promise of government money for green energy research, means companies increase their own funding in green energies making them more reliable, better and safer, therefore again cutting CO2 levels. Also if you are worried about people losing jobs in the oil industry, well more jobs will me created in the growing green industries.

And there we go I have single handily solved the global environment disaster and saved the planet. I will now take my Nobel prize and take my bow. Thank you.

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