Its Official! The Politics Of Change Never Changes!

We have two guys. One has often been at ends with the rest of the party he is standing to lead, distancing himself from the establishment.

The other guy is on the other side of the political spectrum, making outlandish remarks, getting press coverage for xenophobic attacks. “He says things we all think!” his supporters say, turning up in their droves to hear him speak, while others protest at what he says.

Bernie and Trump I hear you say? Try Corbyn and Farage.

2015/16 has been an interesting time for politics to say the least. We have seen mass mobilisation of some parts of the ‘silent’ majority that has amalgamated into two distinct factions. The socially disgusted, and the politically incorrect xenophobic.

I have to admit though, and I think there will be others that say the same; we have seen it all before. It is commonplace for people to turn away from the ‘established’ political elite at times, we have seen UKIP get twelve percent of the vote in May’s election; twelve percent of the popular vote does not sound much but in British Politics, entrenched in a three party system for so long; an outsider party fighting on a single issue, they might as well have won, and we have seen Jeremy Corbyn come from a 200/1 outsider to leading the Labour Party with an overwhelming majority, much to the annoyance of his colleagues in parliament.

In America, are we seeing the same? Donald Trump, the ‘self-made Billionaire’, helped by his father’s now infamous small loan of a million dollars, is tearing up the campaign trail, playing to his strengths and offending almost every minority along the way. Bernie, originally an outsider candidate, is now giving Hillary a run for her money, which she has plenty of, and has just as much of a chance to become the Democratic nominee, much to the annoyance of the Democratic Party!

Can you see it yet? If not, here’s something else. When Andy Burnham announced his leadership bid for Labour, it was almost certain that he would win, then along came good ol’ Jezza and pushed him far away from any prospect of leading the party, and the less we say about his 2010 campaign to become Labour leader the better.

Obama won, remember? Gave Clinton a job, she announced, Bernie announced, some people laughed, look at the situation now, you get my drift.

Basically what I am saying here is that when things change, they change, but it’s all the same. Greece got pissed off with getting the bad deal so voted for Syriza. Labour got pissed off with Tony Blair, held a long grudge then voted for Corbyn. When people go for the alternative, it starts to get a bit boring. People are only interested in America now that Donald Trump has a slight chance of becoming President. But don’t start building your nuclear fallout shelters yet, because if history is to repeat itself, which it probably will, he has to get past Bernie first.

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