So It Has Come To This? Democracy Or Superdelegates

Hillary Clinton is currently holding a massive lead over Bernie Sanders. Clinton currently holds 394 Delegates to Bernie’s 44 Delegates, despite there having only been two elections so far, and Bernie having won by a landslide in one and losing by less than a point in the other. The reason for Clintons massive lead is entirely down to the Delegate, and to be more precise, the Superdelegate system.

So what are delegates and Superdelegates? Well a Delegate is an individual that is chosen to represent the people at the party convention. Primaries and Caucus’ are held in order to decide who these Delegates will represent at the party convention, so whether or not they are Sanders of Clinton Delegates. Where as Superdelegates are normally elected officials, like members of Congress or Senate, or Party Officials. Superdelegates are allowed to vote for who ever they want regardless of what the people in their constituency, or party, want. Superdelegates can make up roughly twenty percent of the overall Delegate count and can often dictate the course of an election. Democrats brought in Superdelegates as a way of giving Party officials more say in who was elected to represent the party, and to take power away from the grass roots. Walter Mondale’s election was in no small part down to the power installed in the Superdelegates, and if you are wondering how he did after being nominated then well he went on to be defeated embarrassingly by Ronald Raegan only managing to win one state, his home state by a narrow margin.

The Democrats Superdelegate system is the root of all Clinton’s power (and yes that was a reference to “money is the root of all evil) which is clear when you compare their Delegate count. Out of Clinton’s 394 total Delegates, only thirty-two of them are actual Delegates that she has won, and three hundred and sixty-two of them are Superdelegates. Where as Bernie Sanders’, while baring in mind the virtual tie in the Iowa caucus and the Sanders landslide in New Hampshire, only has a total Delegate count of forty-four including all four of his Superdelegates.

The fact that ‘Darth’ Clinton is so far ahead of Bernie in the Delegate count, and therefore ahead in the election, is in no small terms a massive indictment on American democracy and the way candidates are nominated by the Parties to run for President. Nobody elected government officials so that they could make decisions on who should run for Presidency under the party’s name, yet the Democratic party appears to feel that regardless of what the people vote, one official should be given the power of thousands and add to a candidates Delegate count. Under a Democracy should the people not get what they vote for?

However, complaining will do little to change this election and especially with roughly forty-nine percent of Superdelegates being decided in the next twenty-eight days of the Democratic election. This has led to Sanders supporters are calling once again for an increase in activities by fellow supporters. This has led to Sanders supporters are calling once again for an increase in activities by fellow supporters.

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