The Top 5 Political TV Shows Of All Time

  1. The West Wing

The best political TV show of all time, so far, must go down as The West Wing. The series ran for seven seasons from 1999 to 2006, and was created by Aaron Sorkin. The US series was based around the inner workings of the offices of White House. Following the lives those who work closest to the Presidents. The series covers a range of hugely hot topics in political debate and ventures into great detail of those debates. The West Wing manages to create great drama whilst explaining, again, in great detail the workings of the American political system. However, The West Wing claims best political TV show because of its ever lasting relevance to modern politics. To be honest I’ve watched all seven seasons and 146 episodes at least 10 times each, it is just that good!

President Barlett destroys a reporter in one of The West Wing’s best scenes.

  1. The Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin claims not only first place but also second this time with The Newsroom. Newsroom discerns itself from Sorkin’s West Wing, as opposed to being based in Washington DC, Newsroom is based in a TV studio in New York. The show follows a TV news presenter on his quest to “civilise” through making the news once again about the truth and to inform. However not on his own the show followers the lives of those working closest to him in his efforts. Much like West Wing, Sorkin once again captures the core debates in modern society. Unlike West Wing, Newsroom takes real life stories and events which will throw the world into a new light for those who watch it. Much like West Wing I have watched all 3 series of Newsroom at least 10 times.

 The opening scene to The Newsroom is often highlighted as the greatest opening scene of all time.

  1. House of Cards

Beau Willimon and Kevin Spacey are brought together by the Netflix Gods in House of Cards and strike gold. The compelling account sees the House Majority Whip Francis ‘Frank’ Underwood (Kevin Spacey) rise rapidly with great aggression through the political ranks doing whatever is necessary to get to the top. With its fourth season starting soon, its about time to once again binge watch the previous series, in case you are wondering it will only be my fifth or so time, to make sure you’re up to date and raring to go again.

This teaser for season four of House of Cards provides an excellent insight into the length Frank Underwood will go for power.

  1. Mr. Robot

Although not strictly defined as a political drama Mr. Robot thoroughly earns its place on this list because of its highly intelligent insight into modern society and its reliance on money and computers. Starring Rami Malek and created by Sam Esmail, Mr. Robot is a must watch show for the technology, psychology, financially and political curious. The thrilling story earns its place in our list and that’s before we even get to the big twist which will make re-think the whole show demanding you to watch it again immediately. Having only come out in June I have only been able to watch it the two times but trust me I’ll be watching it again soon.

This scene sums up Mr. Robot nicely, as does the tagline “F*ck Society”.

  1. The Thick of It

Rounding off the top 5 best political shows, is BBC’s The Thick of It. Best known for its infamous Chris Tucker rants, played by the brilliant Peter Capaldi, The Thick of It provides a unique insight to what its like working for her Majesty’s government. The Thick of It is possibly the funniest political show around, yes even edging out the hilarious Parks & Recreation. The Thick of It is a show that can be watched by those looking for a good rant to inspire one of their own or for the average politics student looking for a laugh while researching another for another assignment. I show that has got me through many an assignment its fully deserving of its place in our list, as whether or not you’re into politics it will still raise a smile.

Best known for its explicit rants why not give you a taste of the best rants by Chris Tucker.

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