Darth Clinton: A Liberal Lost To The Darkside

To be honest I have just binge watched all the Star Wars films, and the animated Clone Wars series, hence the Star Wars metaphor. Anyway while binge watching Star Wars it became clear to me that many of the triggers of a Jedi falling into the dark side can be seen in Hillary Clinton’s political career, in which she may have set out with honest intentions and a liberal mind set yet she has fallen to the dark side.

For those of you who are not as well versed in your Star Wars knowledge I will explain, don’t worry its not as nerdy as the Star Wars reference may imply. Amongst these triggers that lead Jedi to the dark side are a lust for power, dishonesty, war lust and self-interest. Now from what I’ve seen of Hillary Clinton, and don’t worry I can back myself up, she has showed all of these trigger attributes. Clinton has a huge lust for power which means she will do anything for power, she has been hugely dishonest consistently, she has a massive war lust and she is highly self-interested. Now I am very aware these are huge claims however below I will prove them.

I know what many of you are thinking, “all politicians lie, its part of modern politics”, and I understand that argument but its not many politicians which lie with such ease and as off the cuff as Hillary Clinton. One of her most famous out right lies is that during a diplomatic trip to Bosnia in 1996, she landed in extreme circumstances under “sniper fire”. This is a lie which she has told many a time and has been proved wrong a number of times, I highly recommend this video of Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes and skip to the 8:38 mark for evidence of Clinton lying about the Bosnia trip.

Clinton will also say anything to gain power even if doing so involves telling one group of people she believes in one thing then telling another group the polar opposite. Clinton has been accused throughout the 2016 campaign that she will say anything to get elected, as Anderson Cooper does here in the first democratic debate by CNN. In fact there is evidence of Clinton changing what she believes in for different groups in this election. On September 10 2015, she is seen here “pleading guilty” to being “moderate”, and then claims she is a progressive candidate at the first democratic debate. She is either not sure what the words ‘progressive’ or ‘moderate’ mean but she can’t be both as Bernie Sanders, a very proud progressive, points out here.

You may also notice in the clip from the first debate that Clinton claims she has been very consistent on the issues however, as you can see in the info graph below, she appears to change her position on the issues as regularly as there are election, and no i don’t think its coincidence.


Then finally the most worrying thing about America’s resident Sith Lord, yes I’m back to the Star Wars metaphor, is that Hillary ‘Darth’ Clinton is a massive war hawk. As first lady to Bill Clinton she “urged him to bomb” Serbian forces in 1999 and attack Bosnian forces in 1994. While senator of New York she strongly endorsed the ongoing sanctions against Iraq, which led to thousands of deaths. And in 2003 she was a major advocate for the Iraq invasion and war, costing thousands more American and Iraqi lives. Then, as if the Iraq War was not enough for her and America, became a leading advocate for providing military assistance to the so called “moderate” armed opposition in Syria, in an attempt to effect regime change in Syria. Then even after leaving  her post as Secretary of State she went on to criticise Obama for not supplying the Syrian rebels more than was done. I could go further about about Darth Clinton’s lust for war but I feel I have proved my point.

As for now i’m going to simply leave you with the question ‘does this mean Bernie Sanders is Luke Skywalker or Obi Wan Kenobi in this little metaphor?’ and two equally comical pictures of Bernie to go with the one of Hillary.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 20.41.39Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 20.42.14

One thought on “Darth Clinton: A Liberal Lost To The Darkside

  1. Don’t worry, it’s only a stealth mission to confuse the really dark side, which is probably already blaming her for its raucous debate last night. It’s harder to hit a moving target, anyway.


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