Why should you give a shit about politics?

Why should you give a shit about politics?

What’s the first thing that comes into your head when you think about politics? David Cameron getting noshed off by a pig? Boring ugly people in suits making boring decisions? Lies and false promises? Well here at Politically Wasted, we believe that politics is actually fucking cool. Every cool person ever has been interested in politics, from David Bowie’s questionable flirtation with Facism to Samuel L. Jackson’s SOLID.AS.FUCK endorsement of Obama, anyone with a shred of brain power eventually comes to realise how important and genuinely interesting it is. As Alexander Hamilton said; ‘Those who stand for nothing for fall for anything’ so really if you want to understand your significance within the context of the world then you should be politically engaged. Even for those of you a little dimmer than the rest, there’s always Britain First. Well, seeing as you probably only clicked on this because you don’t give a shit about politics let me explain to you why you should…

It literally affects every single aspect of your life

It’s very easy to think that politics is simply for the Westminster elite, sat in the Houses of Parliament like an assembly of Bond villains deciding who to screw over next but the reality is that this only happens because too many people just accept it as truth. Political decisions affect everything whether it be directly or indirectly and to quote a personal hero of mine, Hunter S. Thompson, “Politics is the art of controlling your environment”. Only by taking an interest in politics can you truly create your own self identity and figure out what you actually stand for, without that you’re simply just another sheep following the heard (apologies for the terrible metaphor).

The memes are hilarious

Come on people, even if you don’t know who they are, admit that you laughed at the Bernie and Hilary memes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 21.13.45

Ps. If you think they’re sexist then you’re deluded but that’s a whole other debate

Countless people have suffered so you can have the political rights you have today

Ladies, this one applies certainly applies to you. If it weren’t for women who gave a shit about politics, then you’d still be considered second class citizens by the oppressive patriarchy and to an extent this is still unfortunately true in many ways today. The common perception is that politics is for boring old white men but the problem with this is that it only perpetuates the problem. Imagine if Nelson Mandela had looked at apartheid and just thought ‘what’s the point? I’m not a rich white guy; nah mate, don’t think this is for me’. Throughout history great heroes have fought against oppression and injustice, martyrs have laid down their lives so that we might be able to live in a world where we can live freely and by not caring you’re basically pissing in all their faces. How do you feel? You just pissed on Nelson Mandela’s face… 

We need page views

Come on people, help a brother out.

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