What Do They Want?

There is a good chance that you believe, like many, that all politicians are the same and it doesn’t matter who becomes the next US President. So here it is why Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton want you to vote for them.

The first issue up for discussion here is college affordability. On the face of it both Sanders and Clinton want to make it cheaper. However taking a closer look at the issue will show you that Clinton wants to give $17.5 billion in grants to states to invest into higher education. Clinton would also propose lower interest rates on current and future loans whilst expanding low-interest grants. Clinton will also eliminate governmental profit from student-debt repayment. However Sanders has a more extreme and radical plan for college affordability. Sanders like Clinton wants to eliminate government profit on student-debt repayment, however the more extreme part of Sanders’ plans is to make all public colleges tuition-free. Sanders proposes to do this by taxing Wall Street and closing tax loopholes for Wall Street.

Next up for discussion, whilst we’re talking about Wall Street, is Wall Street reform. Clinton is an advocate for charging banks a “risk fee’ for short term and high risk loans. Clinton also favours taxing high frequency trading and the enforcement of the Dodd-Frank Act. Sanders’ however, once again, takes a more progressive standpoint on Wall Street and Finance. Sanders’ is strongly in favour of reinstating legislation similar to the Glass-Steagall Act, which stopped investment banks and commercial banks merging. To put it bluntly Sanders’ wants to stop investment banks from gambling with your money. Sanders wants to break up the major financial institutes and supports the taxation of speculative trading, which is the tax which would fund tuition free college.

So how about Healthcare? It has arguably  been the biggest domestic issue under the Obama administration. Clinton strongly supports allowing Obamacare to remain in place to which she remains loyal to the Obama administration. Clinton is also a leading voice in the call for the government to be allowed to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. Similarly she calls for a cap on out-of-pocket charges on drugs at $250, and for restrictions on drug advertising. As for Sanders, (Deja vu warning!) he has intentions of a more progressive healthcare system. Sanders believes in a single-player healthcare system to replace Obamacare. A single-payer system, or ‘medicare for all’, is a system in which a single public agency organises health care finances, yet the actual healthcare will remain largely private.

So there is a brief summary of what I feel are the most important issues for this election between Clinton and Sanders. Below you will also find a brief info graph on the two, just in case you couldn’t be bothered to read the above and skipped to the pictures.


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