Where Did Kasich Come From?

The biggest surprise of the New Hampshire primary, which involved a seventy-four year old Jew winning the Democratic election and Trump winning the Republican election, was defiantly Mr John Kasich the runner up in the Republican election.

Like many you are probably asking yourself “Who the HELL is John Kasich?” And to be fair who the hell is Kasich and where did he come from?

John Kasich was a man ready to pack his bags and go home with his tail between his legs after he won less than two percent of the Iwoa vote coming in eighth. But out of no where he has come in second in the first primary of the 2016 Presidential campaign with fifteen percent of the vote. Kasich was able to beat the big name money spenders like Jeb Bush, who has once againproved money doesn’t buy you love.

As little as Kasich is known outside of New Hampshire he certainly made a sizeable impression on the residents of New Hampshire. Granted given the amount of time Kasich spent in New Hampshire you would expect him to do well but given the lack of money and name recognition this is still a remarkable feet. However New Hampshire have a reputation for voting for the most likeable person of the candidates, which is a reputation Kisach carries in his home state of Ohio.

However even the most optimistic of optimists won’t be expecting anything more from Kasich. Despite coming second in New Hampshire do not be surprised if that is the last you hear of Kasich in this election. But regardless of what happens next in the Kasich campaign, his coming second in the New Hampshire primary ahead of Ted Cruz, winner of the Iowa caucus, and Mark Rubio is something that’ll go down in primary folklore.

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