Gravitational Waves Caused By Black Holes Detected

National Science Federation (NSF) announce discovery of Gravitational Waves! Early warning this is gonna sound very sci-fi and Doctor Who’ish but it is also very cool!

Today the NSF announced that they had observed the warping of the space-time which was caused by the collision of two black holes billions of years ago. This warping, or ripples, are called Gravitational waves which Einstein himself wrote about and spent years trying to prove.

This is the result of a number of decades of research and searching undertaken by the Ligo Collaboration. The Ligo Collaboration is a collection of labs around the world. They discovered this effect by firing lasers through tunnels and measuring for any ripples in the fabric of space and time. Then today, the executive director of the Ligo project, David Reitze announced that they “have detected gravitational waves”. If you want to learn more about exactly what gravitational waves are I highly recommend this video.

This breakthrough has been put on the same level as the discovery of the Higgs particle and the determination of DNA structure. It is said that this discovery will usher in a revolutionary era of astronomy. This discovery is so massive that it has the earmarks of a great Hollywood Sci-fi blockbuster.

For now I’m going to leave the final words of how big a breakthrough this is to Professor Stephen Hawking, who believes that “this provides a completely new way of looking at the universe”.


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