Who Are We And What Do We Want

Politically Wasted is website created for those who have a high interest in politics, news or culture. And for those with a low interest in politics, news or culture. Or, generally for anybody and everybody that falls in between. Here at Politically Wasted we hope that we will inform you, educate you and make you laugh, and if we can not do that then we hope we can at least help you fill that ten minute gap you had in your day before you met that boy, or girl, you like or before your boss realises you are not actually working.

When I say ‘we’ I in general terms mean all of us here at Politically Wasted however to be more precise I mean myself, Ben Piper, Fabian Deasy and Joe Bulman. The three of us are the founders and editors-in-chief of Politically Wasted and second year students at Bournemouth University studying politics and media. However, over the coming weeks we hope you will come to learn more about us and we each will be giving you a helping hand in doing so as we will provide a short bio about ourselves.

You may find that the three of us hold very similar views, however we do not want this to be a website of narrow views and one sided debate. Therefore, more writers will join us from different points of views and ways of life. We hope this will create an accurate interpretation of the world we live in and all of the points of views it possesses.

Here at Politically Wasted we fully intend to create spirited debate based on opinions that can be backed up by real evidence. Therefore, should you, the reader, feel we have not backed up our stories appropriately then we encourage you to challenge us and enter into debate.

For now, though follow us at Politically Wasted here on our website, on Facebook and Twitter. Also remember to engage in debate and further your knowledge of the world around you, but most importantly have a laugh whilst you do.

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