Bernie Sanders Just Destroyed New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire held the first primary of the 2016 election, a week after the Iowa Caucus in which Clinton and Sanders found themselves locked in a virtual tie with Clinton being announced the winner in the end after a coin toss. However in New Hampshire there was a very different story. This time Bernie Sanders won with sixty percent of the vote, with ninety-six percent of the precincts reporting.

This time last year Clinton found herself with a forty-three point lead in the poles over Sanders. However Sanders has taken the Clinton campaign to shreds over that year meaning Clinton was only able to claim thirty-eight percent of the vote in New Hampshire, which many will see as a huge embarrassment for the Clinton campaign who at her announcement would have been expecting a comfortable win in her neighbour state.

With this primary win Bernie Sanders becomes the first non-christian, Jewish, candidate to win a presidential primary from either party. Sanders has also won the primary by the greatest margin by a non-incumbent in a New Hampshire primary since John F. Kennedy. Sanders claimed forty-nine percent of the non-white vote and eighty-three percent of the under thirty demographic in New Hampshire.

Not only has this primary won me a few quid as Sanders claimed New Hampshire, but it also is a sign that the typically politically disenchanted of America support Sanders and that should voter turnout remain high the so will Sanders’ percentage of the vote.

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